Geolocation Inputs (Latitude/Longitude)

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For the Google Maps component, has anyone found a way to input the coordinates (lat/long) of the place rather than the address? Working on a product that has multiple pins with the same address, or addresses that are relatively knew (though still acknowledge by Google Maps)? Just wondering if we can input Coordinates rather than Address. Thanks!

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If you use the Location property you can access the lat and long of that address and add them with magic text!

If you just store the address in a text property and not in a location property then you would need another property that stores the lat and long separated by a comma and then you can add that property in the map!

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Hello, yes you can get the (Longitude and Latitude) if you’d like to record any location through Magic text where you can store them as “Text” properties as @dilon_perera has mentioned.

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Thank you! Will try that out.

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