Mapping GPS Coordinates not closet address

I’m trying to make a location logging app and it seams that adalo wants to find nearest address not the actual lat/long of a point. Am i assuming correctly or am i missing a way to map coordinates Vs. the closet address to a set of coordinates?


No ideas out their?

Can you explain better? what would you like to happen?

In the maps component, under the style section, you can find a switch for showing your current location. is that what you’re searching for?

Screenshot 2023-02-06 alle 17.28.39

Thanks, but i am trying to have a button get my lat/long on press then display on a map. the problem is it always puts me close to the nearest address not the actual lat/long where i was when i pressed button. I need just the raw lat/long not an address. google is making any lat long i enter into the nearest phyisical address

You see i have address but i want lat and long


@mediamasons , you want to add the lat and long of the address to the marker address field in the app? You can add Current Item ( collection name ) > DS1 > lat and then you can add a coma and add long as the same.

If you want to save the lat and long directly in the database you can create a text property and if you are using a location input to create the address in the collection you can populate that created property with location input lat and long and if you use a built in form you can add a update action after the create action in the Submit button section and in that update action you can populate the created new property with DS1 > lat , DS1 > long.

Thanks i tried that and it still puts the pin in the nearest building. Any other thoughts?

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