Geolocation Updates

Hi All, I just wanted to post about some of the changes we have made to the GeoLocation components based on your feedback.

  1. Sorting the GeoFiltered List - We have added the ability to sort the geolocation list by either the Title or by the Distance away, in ascending or descending order.

  2. Get location on page load as an option. You can now choose to get the location when the page loads. Let’s say you are making a journal application and you want to save a record only when the user clicks, prior to this it took a lot of gymnastics. Now you can turn Continuous mode off and location on page load off, then use the geolocation button to save the records (if location is available)

  3. Sample data in editor. We added the display of sample data to make it easier when designing the program

  4. Added the ability to specify the decimal places using the geo distance component.

I hope this facilitates building better apps!



I hope you are doing well and again thank you for all your effort. I saw in another post that another user was getting errors when building for iOS. Has that issue been resolved? Thanks.