Private Geolocation Components

1.) I’m having trouble figuring out how to convert the current physical locations in the database to latitude/ longitude in order for the filtering to work without having to calculate each one myself manually.

2.) Is there is a way to use a custom list or even a deck swiper with the geo-filtered list component? I want to use the filtering to locate two properties (jobs & housing) in the database. I already have list design setup for those properties and the simple list does not allow changes to be made with font and size.

3.) Say a user wants to search for jobs or housing in a different location than they currently are. How would I use these components to filter a list based on a physical location that the user enters into a text input and not with the latitude/longitude obtained from the ‘locate me’?

@TKOTC I really need help. If there is a way that you can go into the app and see what I’m doing wrong or walk me through with direction and instructions it would be greatly appreciated.

Is Xano backend an option?

I have xano however I am not well versed in how to use the platform.

No problem, just thinking about the easiest solution, nice to know what cards I have to work with when trying to figure out the simplest path forward.

So what do you think the best path forward would be?

Right now I am thinking the best path is to make an update to the component that will allow you to enter in either addresses or lat/long. My plate is full, but one of my senior developers have been hearing me talk about Adalo component building as a hobby and he seemed interested. I’ll see if he wants to make the update. If you don’t hear back by Friday, bump this post.

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Sounds good. Thank you so very much. You are such a great help to this community! I will be sending you money through patreon!

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Hi, we have made the updates required to use Addresses for the geofiltered list. You will need a Google API key so that the addresses can automatically convert to latitude and longitude for the list to work.

The updates you have made are a huge help however I am now having trouble using two geo-filtered list for two different collections. For more explanation, there’s a list for jobs and one for housing. The list for jobs only works when that list is visited first when using the app. Whenever I visit the second list for housing, the list loads successfully for a few seconds and then leaves the screen. Also when I visit housing first and then the jobs list, the jobs list does not load at all. I’ve attempted to use both lat/long and address settings for the component but still no luck. Any idea what this could be?