Get URL of the item for QRCode


I have found this post How to get the URL of the WEB app but I am not allowed to reply there.

So I have check the URLs for an item page that shows details from a list of items and are identical equal if a user is logged in or not, with this type of structure:{"5842n5rl0y9lut17dglexmt4d.t_adk1mzt1ybmscrz5i4ohmd3fg"%3A1%2C"5842n5rl0y9lut17dglexmt4d.t_cnlxhcaqsuijoopke8rcu2n9a"%3A1%2C"5842n5rl0y9lut17dglexmt4d.t_5mh77qeys7jyf26yy2ky9hbi7"%3A2%2C"5842n5rl0y9lut17dglexmt4d.t_8i2nsox6979vqnxvjw6smy43e"%3A4}

I understand that there is no way for now to make this a friendly URL.

Is there a way to create a dynamic QRCode with URL on the item page, a QR that points to the URL?

I assume that this information exists since the URL is created dynamic as e.g. Item Details Page from List Page.

Thank you.

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