Going back to a page that without having permissions

I am working on a website that has to roles: faculty and students. When I created screens for profiles for each role and I want to go back to the homepage. The role Faculty goes back to the homepage of the student even though I linked the button to the homepage of the faculty. Does anyone know why that might be happening? I want to restrict each page for a specific role. I’ll attach some screenshots that might help.

I would just have a normal ‘Back’ action on the ‘<’ icon

It’s generally best to have a forward / back flow in Adalo apps.

You can have conditional link actions for navigating and on the screen itself (so a user gets bounced back if they aren’t ‘faculty’, or in my example ‘vendor’.

Be aware that this is weak in terms of security, it is very easily undone in a web app.

what do u mean by this

The Action is only triggered if the conditional is met.

So if Logged in User > Faculty = false, the link won’t work. You can then have another link that will work if Faculty = false, that way directing the user to the appropriate page from one single button.

1 button, 2 conditional links, faculty page, student page.

The search function in Adalo documentation is somewhat improved with AI, it can throw up some false answers though.

i tried the back button and its not working for this page but working for the others

Delete the nav bar and add a new one.

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