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After a user logs in I want them to be directed to the home page but only if “Admin” field on the user table is set to False. If true I want them to be directed to admin page.

I have added this to the link home action “Login” button on the login page by changing to sometimes and then added another directing to the admin page (sometimes)

It doesn’t seem to make any difference if the admin flag is true or false. They are never directed to the Admin page.

Can anyone help please?

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Is there anyone from Adalo monitoring these help forums? This is the 3rd post with no help. I really like Adalo but without the support its going to be difficult to adopt it.

@Nige How to create account by another app

Thanks for the reply. I have the user table all configured with an admin flag (True/False) I just need the user to be directed to different pages once they log in based on if they are admin or not. It’s not working with the conditional link actions.

Hi Nige - at the time your user clicks this button (and the decision is made whether or not they have an Admin flag), they aren’t actually logged in - that’s why it doesn’t appear to be working. The “Logged In User” is null.

To achieve this, you could implement an interstitial page - send everyone from Screen 1 to Screen 1A. On Screen 1A, have an entry action to send them immediately to the home page if their admin flag is false. You can have them go to the Admin page if it is true. On that intervening page, you could put a rotating spinner or loading gif so that the UX doesn’t feel too strange.

It happens really fast - half a second or so - so you can definitely work around to achieve what you want to do.

Great solution. I did wonder if the user was authenticated at this point but I assumed the actions ran in order (login, Link, Link) but I guess they are concurrent.

I will implement the intervening page.

Much appreciated