Google Adwords ir other

There is any way to put ads on webapp in Adalo?
Like Google?

The component is just for native.


Not currently.

You can help get this noticed by upvoting my feature request for Google Adsense: Google Adsense | Voters | Adalo

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They’ve only given you “Problem solver” status…
My goodness… you deserve more. Come on Adalo!
Give @Flawless ’ a better status, send him a paycheck, a free subscription… somethin’
This idea of free community labor is … mmmm not good.


Thanks @Toddy :wink:

Lol I think “Problem solver” unlocked automatically.

A paycheck would definitely be nice (hint hint, wink wink) @David @Ben :grin::gem:


done that

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correction: I should say, there is nothing wrong with offering free help. It’s a good thing.
Relying on it and profiting from it without some sort of appreciation, or thanks given, is not admirable. Flawless and others have been more than generous. So, thank you to the people that help in this forum.

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