Placing Ads on Web Version?

Couldn’t find this info in the forum or elsewhere - did anyone placed ads not in the apps but in the web version?
I understand that apps are covered by AdMob; what is the solution for web?
AdSense, for instance, requires adding html (which I am not sure could be added - no?)

So, how can I place ads on the web version of the app?

Thank you all.

There is a component request for Adsense which you can upvote here:

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Thank you, upvoted for that.
So, it looks like there is no solution for placing ads on the web in Adalo yet?..

Perhaps there is a way through the use of external collections via an API that can serve ads. It is not something I am too familiar with but may be worth looking in to. If you find one and implement it and have some problems with it, I am happy to help you troubleshoot that.

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Thank you Colin, will dig into this.

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