Google Calendar API: Any body have luck with Creating, Updating, or Deleting Events?

So far I have only been able to Get All events that are manually entered from my Google Calendar. The external collection is connected and can pull all items into a list. When I’m trying to create a new event however though a form… no luck. Is creating an event using a form to submit to the external API (Google Calendars) the wrong approach?

If you set up the external collection, it will automatically set up your endpoints for create, delete, update etc. However, these are unlikely to be the correct endpoints for the Google Calendar API. You need to check the documentation and make sure these endpoints are correct on your external collection setup.

You could also just use a custom action for creating a calendar event.

I really appreciate the response. What exactly do you mean when you are referring to the endpoints… the Key? Or results key? Where could I check these?

For custom action when I submit the form is already has one for creating a submission. Is there another customer action needed?

Would you mind looking at how it’s set up below? I use “items” as the results key, which pulls the already made events in my google calendar into the app but not create/update/delete. (See below)

Hey Question for you, I am able to pull the Google Calendar events into my app in Adalo, but it shows every event ever made (even the ones that I had deleted a while back from the calendar).

Also is there a way to make a list with 2 different collections? One being an internal one and the other being external - GCal

Added an image of my current filters which does not work