Google Dialogflow in Adalo?

Has anyone tried to incorporate a Google Dialogflow conversational agent in an Adalo app?

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Does it provide a REST API? It should be doable if you integrate it as a external collection and build a chat interface around it :slight_smile:


Hi @leguizamonmax!

Thanks for sharing this. Did you manage to create a chat interface for dailogflow?

If you could share how you did it that will be super helpful!


Hello. @adityaswami hat you have to do is access the dialogflow integrations image soon image
and mount in your own domain or subdomain to integrate with the magic link

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Thanks a lot!

Iā€™m fairly new to Adalo and trying to work out where I include this code snippet?

Do I add it as a component?

Thanks a lot!

image You must include it in a website of your property, mount it there in html. And then to that link that should be https place it here

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