Looking for developer to help build backend for Chatbot

Hey guys,

My company builds chatbots for restaurants, hotels, activity companies and more and I am looking to streamline more of what I do. I am curious if anyone is able to build an Adalo web app that will be able to work with DialogFlow and Manychat (although I am open to using other chatbot software if it works better for this).

I want my clients to be able to go into this backend and update their info by simply adding it to a section, and then that data will be auto updated within my chatbot I have setup for them. Here are a few examples of websites that offer this and I would like to create something similar…

I have also attached a photo to show an example of how backend would work. I can help design most of this I just really need help with someone who can do integrations. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi @ryanb,

Just sharing!

Looks like you can use the Pragmaflow Better Web-view component with the code that they provided!

Another two would be Crisp ( Adalo Fast live chat tutorial using crisp.chat for FREE - YouTube - made by Nathan ) or Joonbot ( https://help.joonbot.com/hc/en-us/articles/5285186363154-How-to-reuse-Adalo-data-within-your-chatbot )

Thank you

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Hey Dilon,

Thanks for looking into this but I was actually looking for someone to build what Feebi and Yonder have built but using adalo. I want to create a platform like theirs to then sell to my clients if that makes sense.


Ah got it! With Adalo collections and actions? Hope you will find a good maker soon! If not you can start with the chat system and ask questions here and hopefully we can make it! :raised_hands:

This sounds like a fun project. Definitely would need more information on how your chatbot works with the integration and functionalities of the app in Adalo.

Shoot me a message here and we can chat a little more about it.

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