Google Icons Options

Can you use Google Icons like you use Google fonts with a paid subscription? If so, I haven’t figured out how. I understand that you can use images to create the appearance of an icon, but more icons would be nice! It looks like most, or all, of the fonts we currently have available came from the Google collection.

Hello, If you want more freedom, icons8 is the best in my opinion. I always use it for button’s icons in my apps, obviously as images.

While I appreciate the info, how do you insert them into Adalo?

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Like this

I’m sure that will be helpful, but not what I’m looking for. I want the ability to add additional icons, even if only from google, to the “buttons” in the editor. I assumed it would be possible since you can do it with fonts with a paid plan. It looks like you can’t though…

Hey @Adalo_CXTeam , can we see this in the future?

My friend, icons in the icon section of the buttons are limited. Only adalo team can add new ones. But they are ugly and old and you have no control of the position of the icon inside the buttons