Newb questions about Adalo (custom button graphics, custom fonts etc.)?

I’m looking at Adalo.
I’ve got a few questions before I launch into learning it.

  1. Is it possible for buttons to have my own customs graphics (and my own graphic as the app background) - easy to implement?
  2. Is it possible to import my own font? I think Google fonts might be good enough though - but I think that requires a pro plan
  3. My apps will be often using the GoogleMaps component (MyLocation stuff, where’s the nearest coffee shops, my favorite places and my ratings etc.). Is Googlemap integration responsive and handled smoothly in Adalo?

(I am a Python programmer (C++), tried to do KivyMD but slowness of the resulting app discouraged me. Don’t have any Dart or Java experience). Still wondering if Adalo is for me, or maybe something like FluttlerFlow, Draftbit etc.
I like the integrated database with Adalo.

  1. You can certainly create a custom button with a rectangle/image component with a text element on top of it.

  2. You can’t import fonts but there is a very large library of Google Fonts available (possibly all of them). If you wanted to, you could use something like Adobe XD to create section headers with a custom font and them use an image instead of text

  3. I have some experience with the Google Maps component and I was able to get it working quite easily. You’re able to display “where’s the nearest” but you just need to hook up the data. The map looked great and smooth on mobile. Not sure about Web Apps.

From my experience of looking into different no-code solutions, Adalo was by far the most user friendly and more design focused than the others. I’m more of a front-end / design kinda guy so it’s a perfect fit for me. I haven’t really touched external integrations yet but apart from that. the only “backend” thought that goes into this to use it is just some understanding of how databases and relationships work and what data is needed and needs to be displayed.


thanks, thats helpful.
What I am also looking to do is update a textfield dynamically when other values on the page are updated. I assume that is possible?

i.e.: Textfield1 = 10% of the value of number user just inputted.
Textfield2 = $15% of the value of Textfiled1 which has just updated.

Custom math formulas and magic text :slight_smile:

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@Briggsy @Flawless
You mentioned that it would be possible to have a graphic .png as a button. Thats good.
Its it possible to have an action somewhere else that could change that .png graphic to another .png graphic?

I.e.: what I am needing is to change MyOutlineButton_graphic.png --to-- MyFilledButton_graphic.png

if Button.graphic == MyOutlineButton_graphic.png
then Button.graphic = MyFilledButton_graphic.png
 Button.graphic = MyOutlineButton_graphic.png

So, its like a toggle.

Simiilar to this:

You stack them like this, group them together, and change the visibility settings of the individual components within.

For this one, this is a checklist. IF task is incomplete, display top icon, if complete, display bottom.

If you have an action somewhere else, you just need to update the parameter that displays/hides the images with the action.

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