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I’ve added the google map component into my app and have successfully added multiple custom markers. However, I’m finding that when I zoom in to the markers their size doesn’t increase like I’ve seen in other apps.

It makes them a bit difficult to click on and the icons could be clearer if they were a bit larger.

Does anyone know how to rectify this or set the standard icon size to just be larger if not?


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Still haven’t found a solution for this so bumping the post

Bumping the post again

This is currently doable in Adalo. The marker sizes in this case are set by the Google Map API, I believe.

Thanks - I’m looking through my google map API at the moment but can’t see anything to set the market size. Do you know how I can find the setting?

Ahh. Just reread my speedy phone message and saw my typo.

This isn’t currently doable in with the Google Map component. The Marker size is dictated by Google for this. Sorry for the confusion caused there.

Ahh, I see…

From what I can see online it looks like google does allow the markers to be increased in size but the issue could be that the Google map component doesn’t offer the same functionality

Could this be a future update to the google map component as it’s definitely implemented in a lot of apps that we all use?

Just to check - is the answer that the Adalo google maps component does not have the functionality to allow the marker size to be changed?

Or is there another way this could be achieved?

I just want to be sure so I can move on with another part of my app and forget about the marker sizes and hope that it may be adjustable in the future.

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