Custom Component: Map where I can put markers on accurate gps location

Hi there,

I want to create a simple hide-and-seek game for children, and I’m looking for someone who could build a custom component for me, so that I can put markers on an accurate location and it shows them on the accurate GPS location.

The current Google Maps component snaps them to the closest building (address).
Ideally, the marker should be of dynamic shape (eg marker with questionmark if not found yet), picture of the item once found.

You should be able to click on a marker and then it brings you to a page with all information.
Default, the map should show all hidden things around you in a certain vicinity (eg 5 km). With default map controls you should be able to pan/zoom/etc.

It can be a Google Maps component, but Mapbox would also be ok.

Please let me know if you’re able to build such a component and what it would cost. Thank you.

Anyone able and interested in creating this custom component for me?

I’ve not looked into the detail but I’ve found that TomTom has all the same functionality as Google Maps but often is better. Try that before building a custom solution? The API works well.

@speakupboy is there a Tomtom component for Adalo? Or do you mean to embed it somehow in Adalo?

Sorry- thinking about this for a few more seconds :sweat_smile: I realise this only gets you half way. There’s no TomTom component- but you don’t need one. You can just use the image component and use the url to the TomTom API to specify the map image with the marker. However that doesn’t make it interactive so no real help.

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