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I’m trying to integrate google maps with my app to show the customer current location and the nearest places for him but unfortunately I couldn’t success on this integration on Adalo ! Any limitation?

If no limitation then kindly advice to make it ! Thanks

Welcome to Adalo, as in my experience I have no idea if Adalo makes user detect his location, even tho I think it’s possible…

Thanks @B0untiful_26 , could you please share the steps to do it if it’s doable .

Check out this MAPS: How can I display marked place info in the map - Help - Adalo

Hopefully that helps!

Thanks @B0untiful_26 I just checked it but nothing regarding the current user location.

@Ajlan I searched whole Adalo forum to find out it isn’t possible.

But if you wish you could u se external stuff to add into google maps .

Change google maps default location - Help - Adalo May this help with your topic?

Thanks @B0untiful_26 I’ll search for any external stuff may help.

Hi @David / @Colin hope to add this feature since it’s really important for lots of apps

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No problem, ask me if you have a trouble ADALO is easy to learn from, either ways good lucks! Your app is brighter thank you think, keep working on it!

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