MAPS: How can I display marked place info in the map

Hello All,
Is there have any option to display marked place information in google map?

Need help!!

Yes, you can add a link action to the map marker this action can display a new screen that is a modal or bottom sheet with info about the current marker.

I am trying to make this work right now with no luck. I have the action setup and a new screen with just a bottom rectangle of info set to “slide-up” but when I click the marker on the map, nothing is happening. Has anyone had to troubleshoot a similar issue? What finally worked?

Curious if there is any additional info here. I have created a map and the pins are displaying appropriately. I added a click action to the map linking to a modal that sits at the bottom with a slide up transition but when I click or tap the marker, nothing happens. I have deleted and recreated the map page and modal page but still nothing is happening.

Is this a bug? Or am I missing something in the set-up?

@ben1 here’s an example app where I got this working:

I don’t know what we’re doing differently, but I basically just:

  • Made an app with multiple markers
  • Linked the markers to the target screen
  • Display “Current restaurant > Name” on the target screen

Hey Jeremy,

Thanks for the follow up. I’m not actually able to see anything at that link. I have done the exact same thing as you except with a single marker. Is it possible there is a bug when using a single marker?

I’m also facing an issue with the Maps component. It works as intended on PWA, but when I install the SDK it no longer displays. I am sideloading the SDK, so I wonder if that has something to do with it.

Where is the best place to report potential bugs?

Hello @jeremy,
I’m also having the same problem, I’m not able to open the link you give.

Sorry guys, I meant to post the preview link. Check that out here:

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This is exactly how I’m hoping to make it work, But I have had zero luck. :man_shrugging:

Here’s one I made:

Hello guys, did anyone of you manage to implement that? I would like to implement it too but unfortunately any of the shared links doesn’t work :frowning: Thanks :slight_smile:

The link shared above by Jeremy still works fine.

What problem are you experiencing with this Tommen.

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All good now, thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

still stuck i have everything on there but cant seem to get it !!!

can any one help ? don’t know what i am doing wrong

How did you make it show the map? I’ve input my API key but when I try to view it on the preview it doesn’t show.

I know it is a bit cargo-culty - but I put a number in the “Maximum markers” box and reduced it until I go the map to display. No idea if this is coincidence! 75 worked.

any one figured this one out yet… still stuck on it did the exact thing and still nothing

Please provide more details of issue you are facing. Such as screenshots of your setup. Also further details of what you are trying to achieve will help me troubleshoot these issues with you.