Google OAuth app login rejected by Google

I’m trying to use the OAuth App “Log in with Google” feature but I think I’ve hit a showstopper.

I uploaded my own logo which meant that the approval has to go to Google and they’ve rejected it because I don’t own the domain:

Domain Verification

We need to verify that you own the websites at these domains:

Please Note: Third party domain not owned by you, or domains that are hosted by a third party site, or redirects to third party sites are not permitted.

Is this for all uses of oauth or just the webapp use which uses the domain through a redirect? Or does this mean that I can’t use Oauth for iOS and Android either?

Am I best just to try and scrap the application and start again without my logo and hope to avoid explicit Google approval?

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I’ve not come across this yet. I will have to look in to this further with the team to see if this is something we can handle better on our side or if it is a strict limitation imposed by Google.

Can you show some screenshots and the flow you took to get to this? When did you upload the logo? What settings did you use for the component? How did you set it up?

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