Google Login Rejected by iOS App Store

My google sign in works with the preview version of the app, but when I upload to the iOS app store it doesn’t appear for some reason. I have the following settings.

But when it hits the app store it’s rejected because it looks like this

The Google option disappears. Anyone else have trouble with this? Solutions? Workarounds?

That’s odd, almost like the Show Button on iOS is turned off. Maybe try toggling it?

That is bizarre. I have opened a ticket internally to investigate this.

Same with me too. Shows fine in the web app but not in the iOS Testflight app. I assume it’s because I’m missing some approval from Google (I foolishly uploaded my logo so it needs their explicit approval to use google login) although it shows in the manually generated Android apk version.

Hi @speakupboy,

You can remove the logo btw, in Google Console settings. I also uploaded one - and then read about the approval, so quickly removed it :slight_smile:
Not sure this removal could be done after the submission though…


Update on this. I actually think it was my fault. Pretty sure I used the wrong upload version. Toggled the switch and reuploaded and it seemed to work. So we good.


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