Google Play Store: Test Errors

Does anyone recognises these Crashes & ANR error messages & potential solutions?

Also, any idea if the 9 unsupported unique API’s are an issue?

@Victor @pfordmedia @Devops @AXIOM @parasocks

Any ideas guys? Want to get this launched ASAP :thinking:

No, sorry. I have no idea.

Can you explain any APIs you have in your app?

I haven’t messed around with any external collections. The only API related activity I’ve done is the Google Maps & Stripe integrations.

Here’s a few screenshots of the unsupported API’s. I think the error messages attached in the previous post are the real issue though, as unsupported API warnings seem to be a common issue that developers just ignore.

Yeah you’re right the warnings can be ignored. As for the crashes, I’m with @AXIOM - I havent the foggiest.

Sorry @Indigrodigital - haven’t seen such a problem :frowning:
I’m not a developer, so it will be difficult for me to comment.

While googling the 2nd error, I found some interesting results. Seems such error has started to appear recently, may be somehow related to Firebase and testing on Huawei P8 (SDK21) and also Nokia 1 (SDK27). I’ve seen regular Android developers were complaining about this. The workaround I’ve seen was to set the minimum SDK to 29.
For the 1st one I didn’t find anything particular… somehow related to app background may be?

But frankly - this is more like a speculation. May be a good idea is to open a support ticket - you can’t influence the builds on Adalo.

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