[Adalo Status Update] Android app crashes

We are currently investigating a broad issue affecting multiple makers with crashes frequently occurring for native Android apps.

Updates to follow.


Hi @anon78309838. Any news on what may be causing this?


please keep up to date

The development team is based entirely in the USA and is only coming online at this moment to investigate the issue. Please bear with us as we make our initial assessments.


please it was a nightmare …

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Looks Like the team has identified the issue and is working on a fix!


Cuando logren resolver el problema publiquen el estado aqui porfavor. Muchas gracias

Fair play Colin, I noticed this issue today also and my first protocol was go see the forums and who else has the issue. In this instance it’s great to come to the forums and see Adalo Staff putting the issue out there before people start asking :raised_hands::raised_hands::clap::clap:

All builds are now affected it seems


Enviamos ticket. y addle activo. Pero lo importante es que el soporte puso en consideración el tema. Fijo.

Any update on this? I have paying customers who are not very happy at the moment.

@anon78309838 In the future, can Adalo please email developers to highlight broad problems? I wasted hours this morning rushing to submit new updates to Google Play in an effort to remedy the issue because I did not realize this was a broader Adalo issue.

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Es importante que adalo notifique de problemas como estos ya que en el status no figura problema

Hi @ben1
Will it be solved today?

Espero notifiquen del asunto @anon78309838

Hey everyone! Was getting an email ready to send to everyone that wrote in, but I’ll tell you all here first!

Please publish new builds. This should be solved for you in the new build!


El problema esta desde el sabado yo lo detecte y inmediatamente envie un ticket pero el soporte solo trabaja desde el lunes :upside_down_face:

lamentablemente debe ser grave el problema ya que van 48 horas. tengo clientes impacientes. Pero bueno entiendo que el equipo de adalo esta haciendo su mejor esfuerzo

Creo que ya han resuelto el problema, he creado un nuevo build android y probado en firebase y esta trabajando sin crash. :clap:

Hi @ben1 . How about everyone that didn’t write in?
I worked on updates to my app this morning for hours because Adalo didn’t send an email detailing this problem. It would be great to see an email sent out to everyone, not just the handful of people that knew to look here.

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