Google Robo-Test

Hi there,

I just wanted to start my app to be tested by Googles Robo tests (Get started with Robo tests  |  Firebase).
Question here is: How are the Form- and Text-Input-Fields named? I tried the Label-Names and the Form-/Field-Names but that didn’t work.

Has anyone successfully managed those tests before and might help me?

(I know the robo test was mentioned here: Automated testing solution recommendations for mobile? - #4 by crmorris2 but topic is already closed, so i made this one up :slight_smile: )

Hi Mazze,

I have not looked into this too much but I think the only way to find the input label would be to open the app in the previewer, right click on the input field and then click inspect (chrome). You may find the label name there but I cannot guarantee that. Maybe one of the Adalo staff may be able to shed more light on this. @Colin, do you know how the input label name can be found? Thanks

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