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my Adalo App has a username and password login, so in order to get it verified, I need to provide login credentials for a test user to Google and Apple. Google Play Console requires the “Android Username Resource ID” of the text field where the username should be entered.

Is there any way to find out the Android Resource ID/Name of a text field (or any component) in order to correctly submit the app for testing?

Thanks in advance

Here is our documentation on publishing to the Google Play Store: Publishing to the Google Play Store - Adalo Resources

Hi Jesse,
thanks for responding so quickly! I have already gone through the documentation on publishing on the Google Play Store, unfortunately there is no mention of how to handle user credentials for an app that needs a login which is not the Google Authentication.

I need a resource ID for the username field and a resource ID for the password field within my app.

Maybe this screenshot helps to clarify what I mean:

@pford, is this something that you can answer and possibly add to help documentation?

Hey @jessehaywood and @silentdrummer - hmmm this seems to be a new addition on Google’s end. Thank you for finding this. Since this information is most likely buried in the app body of the code, we’ll likely need to figure out a way to get makers this information. Let me do some investigating and get back to you in this thread!


So it appears that this is only if you want Google to run a “crawl” test on your app using software and is not required to push the test out to your Beta group. This is also not required for production versions either, as all apps are reviewed manually by a human not by software.

You can find more information about the pre-launch testing that Google does here: Use a pre-launch report to identify issues - Play Console Help


Thanks a lot, but how can I publish without this crawl?

It says “A pre-launch report is automatically generated when you publish an app to closed or open testing.” so the solution is to skip closed and open testing and go directly to production?

nevertheless it would be good to be able to submit such crawl requests for automated testing purposes.

thanks for you help!

okay, so I managed to publish without crawling.
@pford @jessehaywood will you still provide the possibility to somehow get the resource ID of certain fields?


Im not sure that we will immediately be able to do this, but I can certainly look deeper into this and mention it to our devs!

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