Google SEO showing java discretion

When look up my website on google this is what it show can i get rid of the java script thing

Hey Grant,

Correct me if I’m wrong here but it appears that your welcome screen has a countdown timer that redirects you to another screen.

Since your welcome screen contains no text, Google has nothing to see when they crawl it.

Also, Adalo does not currently have the ability to add SEO data to the apps.

I would highly recommend creating a landing page on another platform that has SEO capabilities and then have all of the buttons on the page direct to the Adalo app (just like I do with my Templar Design site)

Look at the search result differences:

My own website (not built in Adalo):

The Templar Design Template Marketplace (built in Adalo):

It appears that it’s grabbing the first text strings that it can that do not belong to a list of data.

So you could just add some text to your welcome screen and hope that Google can crawl it or you could build a separate landing page with way more control over your SEO.

Take a look:

I’m #2 right below Adalo for the search term “adalo templates” because I SEO optimized my website.
This would not have been possible with just the Adalo web app.

is there a way to ask google recrawl my website because it says the last time it did it was in nov

Yeah. You have to add the website to Google Search Console then use the “URL Inspection Tool” and then tap the “Request Indexing” button.

FYI, when adding your website and it asks you to verify the domain ownership, the DNS verification method is the best option since we can’t upload files to the root directory of Adalo apps.

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