Google sign up doesn't work

Everything works well, I can choose my account, but it doesn’t redirect after!
This problem only is on android, on IOS and PWA it works fine!

It still doesn’t work, i pushed a new version, but it stil, doesn’t continue after sign up. This problem is only on android, not on Apple or PWA. And since it properly shows a modal where you can choose your google account I know that the button is configured right.

You could message support because this is most likely from adalo!

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Yeah, already did, apparently I am the only one with this problem. Thanks tho:)

I am also having exactly the same problem here. Please let me know if Adalo reaches out to you.

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They didn’t do that yet unfortunately

I still have no clue why it doesn’t work. It works on IOS, the web but not on android.

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