GPS and Geolocation

Hi everyone! Does anyone know if mapbox works for apps with GPS and Geolocation in Adalo like Uber apps? I appreciate answer

It should do the trick, yes. However, at the moment I reckon integrating it with Adalo will be a bit tricky, unless you’ll create your own component.

Why not use the Google Maps feature for an MVP? Afterwards you can still decide.

Thanks, but the Google maps function is only to add specific addresses, what I want is to track and record location in real time like Uber, that’s why I found a mapbox ideal since what I see is more complete and easier than Google maps

I have a similar use case and came across this:

Not committed to Radar so if you can integrate Mapbox with Adalo, I’d love to be updated on your progress.

Thanks for the answer, could I suddenly make a video linking the mapbox api in Adalo for Geolocation?

We understand this is a huge requirement for our users and we do plan on working on this. Although I cannot give you a timeframe on when this will be available at this time.

If you upvote this post though, you will be notified when the status of this request changes (i.e if we release it)


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