Looking for solution for building Uber clone in Adalo


I am new to this platform and saw explained by a member of the staff, @Colin, that one would need a custom component to enable the displaying of Google’s live map.

I am not a programmer and ran into the same issue with another platform.

@Colin: Could you shed light on this? Would this component still be required or does Adalo have this component built into the platform already? If so, what language would the component need to be written in?

Thank you!

It is in progress.


Thank you for your reply. Can you offer any sort of timeline?

I’m trying to get this done sooner rather than later.

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Could you please give us a release estimate?

It is not easy to do, but it is doable

Well, that was apparently the case at the beginning of the year or even earlier and the word was that it was supposed to come out around now, so clearly it’s been delayed. AppGyver is also having the same problem and their users are not happy about it. Can you guys offer something more concrete than, yeah, it’s being worked on? Honestly, it’s pretty surprising that Adalo didn’t have this feature awhile ago given its reputation and popularity. I’d rather hear that it’ll be at least another 4 months because this and this feature are ahead of that feature than it’s being worked on after it was already, apparently, delayed.

Thanks for posting! Does your method require programming via the terminal or is this a purely no code solution?

Hmmm… interesting question. Installing the components needed is terminal work, once the no-code components are installed it is no-code. If installing the components is a little out of reach you can maybe trying pining @njimmy10 or others to install the components for you (possible nominal fee).

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Thanks, for your quick response, Steven. I am familiar with using terminal, but I’m by no means fluent in terminal-ese. What would be amazingly helpful is if you could post the commands needed to install each one. That would do it for me.

I have a more pressing question actually. Is it possible in any way, in any way at all, to accomplish this using the free plan as a website or web app? Basically, not as a mobile app. Thank you :slight_smile: It finally occurred to me since that is a definite limitation of mine currently, that I need to ask this.

I will put out instructions a little later. I am assuming that you are using Windows and do not have WSL or nodejs installed so there is a lot of steps to accomplish.

For the more pressing question, possibly.

TL;DR; I would not recommend it.

There are 2 limitations you will face. First is the amount of storage you can use on the free plan, you might not be able to build a nice interface/app with the storage limit. The second issue is the accuracy. If this is a webapp opened on a phone the location will be good, if this is opened on a browser, the accuracy might be terrible.

This uses GeoLocation. GeoLocation is a very broad term that uses many underlying technologies to get your location. GPS is not GeoLocation, GeoLocation can use GPS if it is available.

GeoLocation works by checking if the device you are on supports GPS, Cellular, WiFi, IP Address, and possibly Bluetooth to determined what your geolocation is.

Most laptops and desktops do not have GPS and cellular modems installed in them, and GPS/cell gives the most accurate results on geolocation. So you might have a wide range if inaccuracy. The user waiting for pickup might have their location in displayed in Toronto even if they are actually in Montreal.

Hi Steven, I’m using OSX actually.

Accuracy won’t be an issue for me actually, neither will aesthetic. I’m focusing just on making sure it can function because I’m building an MVP prototype. So I just need it to operate. I get that it’s not recommended but it’d have to do for now due to my limitations.

Simple enough then. Here are installation instructions.


Wow, okay! I want to make sure I’m following you though.

You’re saying that this is not only definitely doable with the free plan, but also that it’ll be easy? Once the components are installed of course.

Yup. I’m considering just building a template you can use as an mvp. I’ll need details, I feel like you are eluding to a dating app where matchs get to follow a map to meet up or something. It will be crude, but it will work.

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Hi Steven, could I PM you actually, given you can PM people on here?

Yes, not only can you, you did. Do I mind? No, if I minded I would have ignored your posts. :slight_smile:

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Cool. I’m just new to this platform.

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