Group by date in the list

Hi there! I’m new in Adalo, hope you can help me to find the right way to do the below.

I have a collection of items with Achieved_at (date) as one of the properties.

Want to have something like history page when you can see all your items grouped by this date.
I can sort the list by Acheived_at, but can’t see how to group by.
I attached screenshot of how I want this to be for better understanding


You can add a new filter to that list then filter it by the date being equal to that specific date or any other date.

Hi Colin, sorry for the late reply.
I’m trying to implement what you’ve advised and got into a problem with dates again.
I have text field with Magic words for achieved_at “1 day ago”, and the same filter by achieved_at “1 day ago” for list of records. And I can’t understand why the dates are not matching.

Today is 29th, so I day ago is 28th. That’s ok in the text field, but not ok in the list. Please find screens attached

The fault is not on your side here but ours. There is currently a bug in how we are handling timezones and we are working towards a fix for it.

Oh. I see. Thanks for the notification!
Will wait for resolution

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