List with Group By?

I see Filter and Order, but no Group By, is there the option to show a list grouped by one of the columns? Thanks!

The easiest way to do this is to have 2 separate lists with filters to display specific list items together. That way, you can group similar items together.

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The problem is there are not only 2 different values in that column, 10 or 15. If I must to create one by one… and place by hand one under the other, too hardcoded.

So, there no is an automatic Group by option.

What about using the “sorting” feature and sorting them by the number value?

Yes, I test that, but there is no separation in design automatically, or insert a title between value changes. Like a simple group by.

maybe with the option List inside a List? I’m new in adalo, I dont know if it works.

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ok, “solved” with list of lists. I made a new collection with the posible values. Not the best solution but for now it works.

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Yup, you got it.

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