Have a forum section in my app

I’m creating an app and would like my users to discuss topics within the app such as sharing stories, ask questions that others could reply to.
Any ideas on how to develop that with Adalo?

Thanks a lot in advance

No specific answers for you.
But, it sounds like forms, lists, and relationships … master those concepts.
This should get you pretty far, to start.

I noticed this:

hopefully you’ll be able to find more help

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Hi @Leo14 and @Toddy ,

You can use the original chat template from Adalo when you want to create new app.

In collection section, you will find conversation, actually this is a forum thread, so you could build additional screens to ask for conversation name and create additional boolean field called “forum thread”.

Then at home screen you could have 2 lists, first with forum thread = true and second with forum thread = false, means normal conversation.

The rest, you could follow the logic of messages screen.


@Yongki - thanks a lot, it is very helpful! Have you seen any apps developed with Adalo using the original chat template?

I believe they are embedded in the app, if ypu search in Showcase topic, you might find several apps that are doing that.

It is better to use it to attach other topic such as project, activity, so conversation will be around that topic.

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