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Hi Folks, I’m fairly new to using Adalo and have watched some of the academy videos and tutorials on YouTube but have run into a problem on how I could set up a page on my Native app call it groups and allow questions and answers to be shared on different topics aswell as allow posts and images to be shared.
I think this issue is down to my lack of experience on the adalo app aswell as the way I am currently thinking of the flow.Would anyone have an example of a forum or Q&A style feature. I have looked over TheAdaloGuys(Nathan) video of a list inside a list approach. I was wondering is that the best solution set up different collections and try to utilise some sort of form or list approach?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards Phil

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You can most likely get away with keeping one collection of posts.

Essentially you’d want the fields for each post type as well as three booleans. 2.image 3. post with image. These booleans will be toggled during post creation so you can distinguish between both.

You would set up a custom list with three different container types each representing one of the 3 options above.

From there you can chose to make visible each container based what post type it is.

This way you can have one continuous list with what seems to be different post types throughout.

A separate collection of comments with a relationship to posts can be used has your nested list or you can simply redirect to another screen with just that post and is related comments. Either way.

I hope this helps and I was able to explain well enough.

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Hi Jacob,
I really appreciate your help and feedback. Your guidance and explanation is clear, I will give that a go and play around with the different options.

Trying to get my starting point with this feature and flow was what had me stuck and your advice has been great thank you again.

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