Have anyone used this contact list component?

I would like to know how the component works exactly. Does it synchronize with phone contact list and add it to your app. So that users can see the contact lists in your app?



Yes, that’s exactly what this component does. It sync from your phone and display them in the app, you can then use the user’s name, phone nb as data from the list.

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Thanks, njimmy10!
Do I need some codes skill to implement it? Or, just buy it and can do it ?

No coding skills needed

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When it sync from my phone and display the contacts in my app, I can send a message to their SMS by their phone numbers?

Check this out. You might not need the app to do what you want to accomplish unless you want to automatically bring your phones contact list into your app. I know that for what I’m working on, I actually want the contact list to be separate from the users contact list in their phone.

Yes. You’ll have access to their phone numbers, you can do whatever you want

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