Possible to access your contacts in Adalo, and how?

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I think cosmith.io or @njimmy10 have a component for this.

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You can find it on https://jimmynoujaim.com and soon to be available after the holidays on the Adalo marketplace

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Hi, you are talking about Concat List right?
I watched the demo and think it is different one from what I want.

Only from the demo, I cant decide to buy it.
The component will sync and show your people from Phone contact list (the image) on iphone?


Browsers restrict the access to the first l contacts within the phone, that’s why you see only a demo users. Only on native it works, I’ll share a video

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What level of info can you get on the detail screen for each contact?

The basic ones,
Full name
Phone number

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Thank you for the detail, @njimmy10.

I have bought it and they said “check your shared libraries.”

Could you tell me how to go there?

No the component here, “installed.”
スクリーンショット 2024-01-03 9.53.19

Same way you got the token, you see it in the shared libraries

Mmm, i see you didn’t put the developer token,

I need you to send it to me privately, so you can have the component.

The steps on how to get it are in the checkout

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