Height of list cells

Hello. I have a Custom List with 2 rows and 2 columns. The list includes a rectangle and a text/label centered on the rectangle. When the text has 1 line, everything is OK, but if the text has 2 lines, then the rectangle in which it is located changes the height, while the rest of the rectangles do not change the height. The result is an ugly shift. I would like the rectangles to not change their height no matter how many lines the text has. Could you help me please?

Try to limit the number of characters in the text element with ‘max length’ under Edit Styles. Adjust the number to suit.
You could turn of ‘Multi-Line’ but sounds like you don’t want to do that.

See how that goes.

Outside of this I think you will need a custom component from the marketplace or a 3rd party marketplace.

Make sure masonry layout is unchecked in your list settings.

It is important that the text is fully visible.
I assume that the reason is that we can not change the height of the text field. I have tried many workarounds but nothing works. It looks like I have to look for other no code platform.

The text field will expand according to the length of the string, up to max characters length, if set.
Rectangles in Adalo expand according to contents.
You could try another invisible rectangle outside of the one containing your text string. Consider this a vertical rectangle to force those items with one line of text to fill the space.

Some trial and error is needed. I have been through this with support before and it was recommended to use a transparent pixel as an image. Like designing websites circa 2000.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m trying different options. And I’m more and more convinced that layout is a weak point in Adalo. For example, when a container contains items that change their visibility, it also reduces its height in an unstoppable manner. This results in shifts of other content.
Here is a small example of what I mean (cloneable application):

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