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I have been using Adalo for a month already and I am about to publish my first app, however, Ifound this issue where the “Content” of my posts are only single-lined, in other words, I cannot change the height value. Can somebody help me asap?

Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 21.21.07

Hi @Jordy,

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Have you seen the checkbox “Multi-line” at your screenshot? :wink:

The way it works with the text labels, is that if you select “Multi-line”, Adalo will adjust the height of the line automatically.
So if your magic text name takes only 1 string height, and the content in reality will take 4 strings, you’ll see the height adjusted based on the content.

Best regards, Victor.

Hello Victor,

Yes i have tried the multi-line checkbox and the only thing it does is making the magic text into a infinite text, it doesn’t change the height :frowning:

Hi @Jordy,

Please see the screenshots how it works.

For the label on the top I disabled multiline:

For the label on the bottom I enabled multiline:

Here is the result. The top label is limited to 1 line. The bottom label has several lines.


Oh my god thank you very much victor! I know what the problem was as well, i didn’t group all of the section and that is why it looked very odd before, now it is much better, thank you so much!

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