HELP! Blocking and Filtering

I have been stuck on this feature for weeks and have gone through a great number of threads and tried all sorts of hacks.
Basically, it’s the blocking for IOS. As of now, I have Multi relationships setup in my Users tab for ‘I blocked Users’ & ‘Blocked by’. And it does work out in the database.
But it has to be something with my filtering. When i block a user from the feed page, it renders in the users database. But doesn’t do anything on the feed. I CAN STILL SEE THE USER I BLOCKED
My filtering right now is as follows:
Filter - All events
Custom Filter - Current Event > User > Blocked by
Does not contain Logged in User
Current Event > User > I blocked Users
Does not contain Logged in Users

Any Ideas where I may be going wrong?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi @BrandonDes ,

You might want to check my group chat template that has the function of blocking user that will hide their messages in chat.

Hey @Yongki,
I appreciate the feedback and the simplicity of the app.
It has me thinking how I could incorporate a similar setup in terms of displaying the list of users and just searching to block.
Let me ask you this, because I have a feed/posts/events, how would I stop seeing posts by the user I just blocked?
And is it possible to make your app cloneable so I could look at the database structure?

Thanks again @Yongki!

You could buy this template, we could discuss on that thread, if you are still interested.

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