Help building a drinking game

Hi everyone, I am currently developing a drinking game app (very similar to iPuke if any of you know it).

The game is supposed to be played by multiple players but using only one devide. Therefore, I created a game collection, a player collection and a turn collection, but I am not being able to set the next turn player, so the game only works in the first round, and it kind of kills the purpose hahaha. Can anyone help me? Basically, how can i setup a player order and

Also, the game is based on cards and the players can use the pre existing cards or create their own, but the game must contain a certain amount of cards (Equal to the amount of turns the game is supposed to have, something the players will decide in the beggining of the game). How can i pick a specific amount of random items from a collection and include it in another?

Thank you!

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Hi @Berodela ,

#1, you can have player collection, not users collection, here you can switch player by increasing numbers, see reference here,

#2, for using random, have numbers field in cards collection and assigned to player based on random numbers generated,

this is not similar, but can be your reference as well,


Hi Yongki, I didn’t entirely understand what you said.
If you are available for a call at any time, you seemed like someone who could really help me, and really fast.
Thank you!

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I check that app, it seems doable.

You want exactly the same or are there any differentiation ?

I send private message too.


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