Selecting multiple random items

Hey everyone, I am currently developing an app and I need to be able to select multiple random items from a collection and add them to another.

Can someone help me?

My case in a more detailed way:
It’s a game based on cards, and the player can add some cards of his own creation, but the game must last a specific amount of rounds.
So the app must be able to recognize the amount of cards created by the user, and how many are missing so that there is one card per round. So it should be something like this:
(Game rounds) - (amount of cards created by the user) = (Amount of random cards to be sorted)

Thank you!

Hello, try using the multiple select dropdown…

How can I use this component to select automatically?
I’ve never used it before and didn’t find any videos teaching how it works.

What do you mean by automatically select? This component will render list of items from the database and the user select what items, so you add an action to that.

I need the game to automatically select random cards to finish the deck creation.
Right now, the user can create and add cards to his own deck already, but the game should pick the last ones automatically.


  • The player setup the game to last 10 rounds (so it needs to have 10 cards, one for each round)

  • The player creates 3 cards of his own

  • Now, the game should automatically pick 7 random cards and add to that game’s deck.
    (10 rounds - 3cards =7 still missing)