Help - can I importe pictures in my database with Zapier?


I put you in the context :
I want use Adalo for create an application that imports informations médias automatically.
I use the RSS of Zapier fo that (Zapier takes the RSS of the website and Zapier transfers all data in my Adalo database (Title / description / ID / Picture / link…)

for exemple : random web site publish an article : title : “NEW YORK : A CAT IS FLYING !!” desctription : “A man created a disguise of Superman for her cat and the cat could fly” picture “A picture of a “super cat”” and the link of article.

All this datas works and I see them in my application, exept the picture and I don’t know if it’s possible to see the picture of the website in my Adalo application.

Thanks for your help !