Fetch website data

Hi. Does anyone know of a way to get a website name and image to display if we have a url?

I’m thinking in a similar way to how they show up when you post link on Facebook or Twitter.


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There’s not a way to do that within Adalo itself, but you might be able to do something with our Zapier integration.

Can you post your workaround or Zap if/when you go that route? I am working on an app where users submit links and people can like, comment, etc. Would love to auto append a thumbnail of the link. Besides FB and Twitter, I think LinkedIn does it too.

I almost got it to work with Zapier and Slack.

I made a zap from Adalo to Slack with the link as a message which Slack then automatically unfurls. I then made a new zap from Slack back to Adalo with the thumbnail url/header etc.

So now I have a record in Adalo that contains the information I want to display but I can’t work out how to link that to the original record that the link came from…

@PaulDJ87, If you do that all in one multi-step zap, that should work.

  1. Trigger on new record in Adalo
  2. Create new DM in Slack (or channel messages, etc)
  3. Update Record in Adalo

In the third step, you’ll be able to use the record id from the first step, to indicate which Adalo record to update:

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That almost works. The link data (eg image url) from Slack only shows up for me when I make a zap that starts when a new channel message is received. Linking from Adalo to Slack then back to Adalo doesn’t give me the option of sending back the link image url etc.

I’ll keep trying.

If slack requires it to be in two different zaps, there might be some kind of solution where you send the Adalo record id to the slack messages, and then in the next zap, somehow parse the id back out