Help creating my app

Need a platform for 3 types of users, every type should have different features.

Hello, you can create a True/False property for every type of users in the Users collection.

Thank you!

Alternatively, you can add a collection called “User Roles” which has a one-to-many relationship with users (Users can have one User Role, User Roles can have many Users).

Then, you can conditionally display things based on the user role.

The true/false method works well as @Ali-Bazzi mentioned, if you only have 2 user roles, but if you want to ever expand that, it’s better to use a collection.

So if you have, say 5 user roles, you don’t necessarily want to have 5 true/false parameters when you can just have the one relationship that ties them together.

I like to do it this way also because I add a number parameter to the collection and I call it “Access Level” which can allow users to see different things based on their level.

For example, if I have a “Customer, Employee, Manager, Super Admin” with access levels “1, 2, 3, and 4”, I can show employees+managers+super admins things by using “Where user role access level is greater than 1”. Or I can show just super admins things by user “Where user role access level is equal to 4” etc.

Great, relationships will also work for sure.

Thank you!

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