Creating Custom Views

Hi team,
I’m struggling to create a view for users depending on their organization. I’ll try to explain.

I have an Admin with associated users. Admins create projects for users to submit work to. I only want users to see the projects created by their admin.

I want to test my app with multiple businesses, but right now everyone can see every single project.
I’ve figured out how to filter users so Admins only see their users, but don’t know how to set up a rule for the projects.

Essentially i only want users to see the projects their admin created, but do not see where I can do that.

Current databases:
Users: Name, email, company, projects, project submissions
Projects: Topic, start date, end date, submission details, related to users and project submissions

All suggestions welcome!
Thanks for your help!

You need a relationship between users and admin. Then you can filter the list of projects to be “logged in user > admin > projects”.

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Right now I have a True/False field for admin under users - all in the same database. So instead I should have separate databases for Users and Admins, with the relationship between the two …that makes sense. Thanks, I’ll give that a try!

It doesn’t need to be a separate database either, you could still maintain types of user with the admin true/false, and then have the relationship between User and User. Just make sure to rename the relationships or it will be confusing.

I think I’ve got it! What if i want to have more than one admin on a team. Can i still do that with one database? Do i need another column to identify being grouped i.e. by company or department?

Just make sure it’s the correct type of relationship.

If a user could be admin of multiple companies, have a many to many relationship.

If you think each user could only be admin to one company, have a many to one relationship where ‘a company can have many users, a user can only have one company’.

Either way, a company can have multiple admins.

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