Help, qr code does not work reader

Hello, I need help, I am making an app for cell phones, and in a section there are events, that you can buy the ticket with the qr code of adalo, I followed the steps of the tutorial, the problem is that when I open to do the scanner with it qr adalo scanner, the reader appears to me as an image, that is, it does not work, how can I test it? Thank you

Hi @Santiago,

QR Code Reader component works only in native apps (iOS / Android). It will not work in preview or PWA mode. You have to build the app first to test this component.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi, thank you Victor for the reply, I always see your videos on YouTube, I see that you did a tutorial about that, but … how did you try it? Do you have that app loaded on the download platforms? Or else how can we do to scan with the cell phone camera? Thank you

Hi @Santiago,

You need to build your app first to be able to test the QR Code Scanner.

I’ve created Apple Developer account, set everything up there and in Adalo according to the instructions Publishing to the Apple App Store - Adalo Resources. Then I created the app build, installed TestFlight on my phone and downloaded test version of the app.
BTW, you don’t need to publish the app to the stores to be able to test it.


Great, thank you very much, now I will see how that is done, thank you very much !! You’re a genius!

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