Is there no working qr scanner for Adalo anymore?

I was planning on using the qr feature in my app, but it seems like there is not a component that works for this anymore in this platform. Is this true?

Hi @john.testing ,

You can try this,
QR Reader (

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How do I implement this?

This seems to work

I am using QR component here,

Ahh is there a native app solution.

this is for pwa only

You can ask him @knight

@knight - it looks like the QR scanner runs on progressive web apps only- do you offer an Adalo native app QR code solution?

If not are you aware of one that hasn’t been depreciated .

I build it for web because Adalo marketplace use to have one for native? is that been removed ?

It doesn’t work. It makes my build fail when added.

Very strange.

did you contact the support ? they might be able to help

Here’s the deal with the qr code scanner. It doesn’t work. I gave Adalo access to TestFlight and they cannot figure it out. We had to remove both the generator and the scanner to get our app to stop crashing. With Stripe not working on Android this is a nightmare for us. Had to stop operating as of last night.

And no, support cannot help. They’re aware of the issue and cannot fix it. From Adalo: “I don’t have an ETA for this, but as soon as I have an update here I will ensure to share it with you.”

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