Help structuring user types in database

It’s a newbie question, sorry to all the pros out there.

I am doing my first prototype in Adalo. It’s a marketplace of sorts. I am having trouble organizing the database and the rules for when a generic user becomes one sub group of user.

To be more specific, one side of the marketplace I have users who list stuff, they need to be able to create listings. And on the other side of the market I have other users who submit their proposals ( or bids) on those listings. Additionally I want all the users to be able to vote on the proposals.

What do you think? Should I have only one User category but have different subgroups inside? Or should I have 3 different group of users with different properties? If that is the case, how do i manage the sequence when a user is being moved from the Normal User category into the more specific one?

Thanks for you advice,

Hi @Alexteo,

This YouTube video might help you a little bit.

You would only let the users who list stuff be able to create a listing. Then for the other side the “side market” (whatever you want to call it), then submit a proposal would only be visible for the “side market” users. Then on a listing/proposal, all users can vote on the proposal.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Alexteo

You don’t need additional property for this.

For this, you need to add switch property in users collection, like creator for true/false.

What @James_App_Maker said is correct.

Thanks for the support.

Just to be sure, you think I can manage all interactions on this marketplace by just having one collection of users ( the default one) where I add all the various properties ( the ones that apply to creators, and the ones that apply to bidders) and then have a binary true/false parameter that decides which part of the app both groups get to interact with ?

You are saying I do not need to have a collection of Users, a collection of Creators, and a collection of Bidders? Since Creators and Bidders both need to create their profiles and it requires different information I thought having 3 groups of Users made sense.

If you have seen a good marketplace tutorial video for me i would greatly appreciate it

thanks again


Only 1 users collection is enough.

From the way you describe, I can see only 2 type of users, creators and bidders. Vote is a feature, not a group.

Well, I read and watch all videos here and youtube, and multiple times and still frequently visit them just in case I miss something.

If you start new but already have direction, that will speed things up, focus on database setup first then you can continually add more screens.

Hi , sorry if I got you confused with the “side market” . I think I was not clear. I just have a two sided marketplace with one side lists job opportunities , and the other who want to submit their profile and proposals to those listings.

I was not sure how many user collections I need to create for that to work.

You don’t need any user collection other than the premade “Users” Collection.

But then how do you manage in the same collection , properties that differ greatly depending on if we are talking about a creator or a bidder? For example, I want the bidders to list a few images of their past work in their profile, link to their instagram etc. That is not the case for the creators of the bid who list parameters of the job opportunity, how do you organize the logic of what gets shown in the app? Is it done only through the creator true/false property?


use something like, filter by logged in user and add another filter creator=false.

for screen that is used to list, use filter creators=true

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