Different user types

Hi guys, I am new to Adalo and I just started to build my new app.
It’s a freelance app so I need two types of users (clients and customers).
After you create an account you will be directed to different forms to fill obviously.
Can you help me with this ?

Many thanks

Hi Adrian and welcome to the club!

That’s easy enough. You just add two link actions to the submit button and make each one conditional on the type of user.

Thanks for the tip. Can you tell me how to do that…?
As I said I am new and I am just starting to figure things out…thanks a lot.

Take a true/false property and name as customer & another one is user/client. After that take a button & link it to the screen where user submit things, then make the button visibility according to user. For example: If user is customer than show the button A & if user is client than show the button B.

I hope this will help you.

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Thank you, this helps a lot !

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