Help with something I'm trying to achieve

The solution might be very easy, but I have invested 3 hr trying to achieve this.
I want to create something, where group creators can create groups, and we show all of them on one page and a user can select any group, enter a few but unique details for each, and then be able to see all the people in that particular group.
Any help would be really appreciated.
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Hi @rishabh

It isn’t exactly clear what you’re trying to achieve here. To repeat it back to you differently:

  1. Users should be able to create a view a list of all groups
  2. Users can join a group if they know some information about it? What information is this? Like a referral code?
  3. When users join a group, they can see all group members.

Is this correct?

hi, thanks for replying.
Page1: Here People can create different groups, for different purposes.
Page 2: From here users can join the group, buy filling a forum (on another page), but the input will be different in different groups.
Page3: This page will show all the members, of the group joined by the members.

I have tried this with the list, by at the end, I’m unable to make only those visible members who have joined that group.

If you need more clarification, I can provide that.

Most of this is pretty easy, except #2, I’m still not clear how that works.

First, show user’s the list of all groups and give them an action button to create groups. That should be very straight forward.

Then, groups should have a relationship with users “Members”. It’s many-to-many - a user can have many groups and a group can have many users.

When a user clicks on a group and they’re a member, they go to that group’s page - you can show whatever you want here (posts, other members, etc.).

If user is not a member, then take them to the form page to join the group.

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I think I’m not able to put it clearly, like people (let’s call them sellers) put their house on rent, and users can choose any house, (this we can do using a form and a list) but now when you click on a hotel/room/listing you’ll be able to see all the interested people on in the listing.
Is there any help?

Can you just tell me what your app does?

Are users creating room listings, people express interest, and the listers (sellers) want to see who’s interested?

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