Creating a group of users to share content

Hey there! I’m relatively new to Adalo and have been creating an application to bring my idea to life. I have a pretty solid basic application built but I’m struggling in one area specifically. Here is a description of what the app does and how I need it to function:
-A user can sign in and view only their content which they’ve added (calendar events, lists, etc.).
-A user invites another user to a household group and then each user can view each other’s content.
-Only users within this group can see the content specific to the group and the invitation would be made through a link essentially.

I have been browsing the forums and youtube trying to find answers to this to no avail. If you can point me in the right direction of a video or forum post or even give me the keywords I should be looking for, I would be forever grateful! Thank you so much!

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Hi @trevorinthewoods ,


  1. You can separate which fields are off limit by not showing them
  2. This need additional collection that a user will be a member of, and having visibility to check if current user is equal to that collection
  3. Invitation comes with a code not link, so a new member will need to input the code and will be checked against that collection’s code by using make-list button.

It is better if you come up with more examples and database structure, so we can pinpoint how to solve it directly.

Hi @trevorinthewoods, I have an app in development that uses a similar idea. Basically, user needs see own info as well as info from the group they are in. Need to have a collection for groups with a relationship to users. I have the set up that a user signs up and then it goes to an interim screen where a group can be created which makes that user the admin and they are responsible for adding and removing members.

Then in lists information can be filtered by group name so not everyone can see data.

There was a forum post about something similar but can’t remember when/where it was.

Hope this was some help.

Thank you for the replies!
I will try to be a little more specific with my examples for you.

User A purchases a home and would like to allow User B and C to move in with him.
User A would download the app and invite user B and C to be a part of the app.
User A, B, and C could create content on the app (calendar events, lists, etc.) and the events would be visible to all of the users in the group unless marked as private.

Does this help?

So essentially the group can have multiple users but each user can only have one group?

Then the content will be filtered how? With a true false category saying display data if user’s group is true?

Yes to the group having multiple users. You could set the user to have multiple groups so a many to many relationship if needed but I haven’t tried that.

Content is filtered in a list where current user - group name is equal to logged in user’s group name.

Thank you so much!! I will do a little bit more research on relationships and see if I can work my way through it. You guys are amazing.

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No worries, happy to help.

I’m still working on this issue but for anybody else struggling, I’ve found this video from Adalo which helps. Setting up an Access/Company Code - YouTube

The part that I’m still struggling with is when the input box for a referral code is empty, the submit button shows up. When the correct referral code is entered, the submit button will not appear. Does anybody know how to fix this?

Hi @trevorinthewoods

Make group of that make-list button and change visibility to input box is not equal to empty

in the list which consists of a button, have a filter code equal to input box.

So in summary, the structure of the make-list buttons as follows

  • group with visibility input box is not equal to empty
    – list of referral code with filter code equal to input box
    — button that does actions

Got it! Thank you so much!

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