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can someone show me with a video how to create a random number that is not repeated for the user id?

Hi @jevilson,

Interesting question. I decided to investigate and created a video for that:

Couple of comments:

  • user email in Users collection is already checked on “uniqueness” in many places. So I prefer to use it as a unique ID;
  • if you use random range which is large enough (say, 1-999 999 999 999), the probability of the same IDs will be very low. So may be it is not worthwhile to use timer, you just add a button to regenerate ID and name it somehow not to frighten the users. Anyway, the probability of getting 2 existing IDs in a row is close to 0.

Best regards, Victor.


There is a much easier way with no chance of creating the same ID twice.

  1. Create an ID column in the Users database.
  2. When clicking the sign up button, in the “Set Automatically” part, use the magic forumla and put users “COUNT”.

Now every user signed up will have a unique ID based on how many users there are :slight_smile:

ie the 3rd user in the table will be “3” / the 200th user in the table will be “200”


Hi @daniel,

As stated in the initial post, the ID should be random :))
Otherwise, your way works perfectly :slight_smile:

If you are going to use the suggestion from Victor, I would make one change to it:

Instead of ranging it from 1 to XXXXXX, you should range it from YYYYYY to XXXXXX. That way you are already starting on a number with 6 digits. So the chance of getting the same number twice is MUCH lower than if starting from a single digit.


thank you very much, helped me with my project

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Hi, is there also a way of generating random usernames, e.g. a random sequence of letters? Thanks in advance!

You can use the API to do this.


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